Samoa Cosmetics

Amore Mio

Women like variety and quality. With Amore Mio, quench and express your moods to an excellent finish! Your untold stories lie in a bottle... till you make them reality. Long-lasting, pure liquid fun!

Never Nude

An exciting nail color wardrobe of trends and classics, all yours, in a long-lasting, affordable and fun package. Textures and effects go from glossy to matt, and from satin all the way to glittery. It's a cosmic tour of colors and textures. So don't ever be nude, exude!

Very Nude

When it's time to go bare, this range of nail polish removers is your go-to solution for action that's also kind to nails. Pick between Oil, Va-vite and Doux. The Oil version is extremely gentle on nails and cuticles, while Va-vite performs the strongest and fastest action, and last but not least comes the Doux formula, your in between option.

Double Trouble