Samoa Cosmetics

Purity 2 Phases

Waterproof make-up remover - Eyes and lips

Removes all traces of make-up on lips and eyes, even waterproof mascara, while protecting and moisturizing the sensitive eye area thanks to Cornflower's soothing and antiseptic properties. Hypoallergenic. Paraben and Fragrance Free. Shake well before use.

Purity H20

Micellar cleansing & toning water - Face, eyes and lips.

A no-rinse formula that effectively cleanses make-up, removes dead cells, impurities and excess oil while toning and soothing the skin, leaving complexion fresh and radiant. Suitable for Face, eyes and lips. Hypoallergenic. All skin types. Paraben free and Fragrance Free.

Cleansing milk

Orchid & Camellia Sinensis leaf extract - Face, eyes and lips.
A light milk that gently cleanses and removes make-up, leaving skin soft and smooth thanks to the emollient and anti-microbial properties of Camellia Sinensis extracts. The anti-aging properties of Orchid extracts, rich in anti-oxidants and minerals, protect skin while leaving it nourished and moisturized. Hypoallergenic. All skin Types. Paraben free